Terms And Conditions

 why are Terms and Conditions agreements important? These agreements may not seem important for your store, as most regular (offline) stores don’t hand them out to customers as they walk through the door!

Nonetheless, having this agreement for your e-commerce store is crucial for a number of reasons:

  1. They protect you from liability and clarify the purchasing process
  2. They can be used to cancel accounts that do not comply with your terms
  3. They protect your store’s intellectual property and set out rules as to how it can be used
  4. They set out the way in which any disputes will be handled
  5. They also allow you to use payment gateways with credit card operators (who require you to have this agreement and a Privacy Policy before they will let you use their services)

Contents of the Terms and Conditions

The most important sections for an ecommerce store to cover in its Terms and Conditions agreement are:

  • The limitation of liability clauses relating to your products
  • Intellectual property terms relating to your store brand
  • Clear information about your products, any warranties that you provide, payment terms, and conditions and timelines for delivery of goods.

One of the most important things to make sure you do with your Terms and Conditions is to make them fair and clear.

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